Year: 2013

Yellow crazy ants eradication funded

The Invasive Species Council has praised Federal Environment Minister, Greg Hunt, for providing $2 million for a 5-year eradication program of yellow crazy ants after the Queensland Government withdrew funds late in 2012. This project will have long-term benefits for the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area if the yellow crazy

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Coles dismisses complaint about weedy plant

One of our supporters, Clinton Garrett, contacted us with  his attempts to ask Coles to stop selling a weedy plant at its stores in South Australia. Clinton asked Coles to respond to the following inquiry: I see that our local Coles supermarket is selling an Ornithogalum cultivar “Chesapeake Snowflake”. It is

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Hunting Changes in NSW Fail to Address the Problem

In October the NSW Parliament passed legislation abolishing the NSW Game Council in response to the backlash against the proposal for recreational hunting in national parks. While the abolition may see the end of the counter productive influence on feral animal control by the NSW Game Council, the fear is

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Eradicating Red Imported Fire Ants: too devastating to fail

The fire ant was first recorded in Australia in 2001, just before ISC formed. Tim Low, author of Feral Future and joint founder of ISC, described the ant then as the ‘nastiest of eco-villains’. If unchecked, it could cover all of our tropical north and vast areas of coastal Australia.

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Justice for animals requires controlling invasive species

If you care about wildlife, the Animal Justice Party (AJP) has some strong election policies.[1] But aspects of their policies relevant to invasive species are poor for both animal welfare and conservation. The AJP policy on introduced animals downplays the great damage they cause, and their policy on feral horses

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Number 1 Seabird Threat

A new conservation issue emerged a couple of decades ago when Tasmanian wildlife officer Nigel Brothers showed that fishing operations were driving down albatross and petrel numbers by accidentally killing them as bycatch. The threat of long-line fishing caught public attention and led to reformed fishing practices, though seabird numbers

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How do our political parties stack up on invasive species?

The responses to our election survey are in and we can now let you know what the main parties propose to do to address the threat of invasive species to the natural environment. Our questions were based on eight reform priorities we put to the main parties. Major parties In

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Barely a squeak on one of nature’s biggest killers

THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN SUPERSEDED BY A MORE RECENT ARTICLE ON THE SAME SUBJECT PUBLISHED 4 SEP 2013 What have we heard so far about tackling the growing threat from invasive species in the upcoming federal election? So far, the two main political parties have been silent on environmental biosecurity

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Victoria makes deer control easier

The Victorian Government announced on 11 July that it has made it easier to control deer on private land. This is great news for deer control and for landholders, who previously had to apply for a permit and then abide by conditions that specified numbers they could kill and that

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