The Invasive Species Council has produced a range of fact sheets on weeds, pest animals and environmental diseases in Australia.

Fact Sheets

Stray cat hiding in the grass. Photo: Sean Paul Kinnear | Unsplash

The impact of cats in Australia

Domestic cats were introduced to Australia with the First Fleet in 1788. They are now one of the most damaging invasive species worldwide, and in Australia have been a major driver of mammal extinctions.
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Fact Sheet: Yellow crazy ants in Australia

Yellow crazy ants are a highly aggressive tramp ant from south-east Asia that made it into Australia through our ports. In a suitable climate, such as the Queensland Wet Tropics, they can form “super colonies” that cover vast areas and carry huge social, environmental and financial impacts.
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Australia has so far failed to prevent and eradicate dangerous and costly red imported fire ants.

Red imported fire ants

A fact sheet with information about red imported fire ants (Solenopsis invicta) and the serious threat posed to Australia's environment, agriculture and way of life.
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Recreational hunting NSW: claims v facts

Invasive animals, particularly foxes, cats, rabbits and rats, have caused most of Australia’s animal extinctions and imperil many more species. Hardhoofed feral herbivores like goats and deer damage wildlife habitats and threaten many rare plants. How to control feral animals effectively and humanely to protect native species and ecosystems is one of the greatest challenges […]
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From the frontline

Yellow crazy ant taskforce

Our Townsville yellow crazy ant taskforce is in the front foot against these invasive ants.