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It’s the needless destruction that we can still stop.

Kosciuszko National Park is a unique and beautiful part of Australia.

But right now, exploding populations of feral horses are muddying Kosciuszko’s clear streams, trampling its unique plants and destroying threatened animal habitats, like those of the vulnerable broad toothed mouse..

You and I have an important choice to make. We can either choose to save the precious animals and plants that are found nowhere else on Earth, or we can allow thousands of feral horses and their hard hoofs trample them into oblivion.

Science, economics and environmental justice are on our side.

Sign our petition NOW to tell the NSW Government to:

Act urgently to protect the unique ecosystems and wildlife of Kosciuszko National Park by implementing a plan that reduces the feral horse population before it’s too late.

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So far we have received 8,101 signatures of our goal of 10,000.

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