Year: 2014

Asian black-spined toad

Top six on the Richter scale

A ‘top six on the richter scale’ list of high priority threats to the environment provided to the Senate biosecurity inquiry begs many more questions than it answers.

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Australia has so far failed to prevent and eradicate dangerous and costly red imported fire ants.

Senate hearings cover broad ground

The evidence provided to the Senate inquiry has demonstrated that Australia’s biosecurity system is failing in multiple ways to prevent the arrival of harmful new invaders. Here we summarise the highlights of the public hearings.

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Andrew Cox and Carol Booth with Gregory Andrews, Australia's Threatened Species Commissioner in Canberra.

No excuses left to ignore environmental biosecurity

The Senate inquiry on environmental biosecurity has been useful for revealing gaping holes in Australia’s preparation for new invasive species and flushed out the views of government about our proposal for a dedicated body to prepare for invasive species.

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Environment Health Australia: an essential reform

With a continued high rate of new invasive species arriving and establishing in Australia, it is clear we need a more concerted focus on environmental biosecurity priorities. That is why we have proposed to the Senate inquiry the establishment of a new national body.

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