About Us

To protect and restore Australia’s ecosystems, we need ambitious action at all stages of the invasion curve.

What we do

Our Mission

We catalyse strong, collaborative biosecurity to protect and restore what makes Australia extraordinary – our unique wildlife and ecosystems.

Our Vision

An Australia where wildlife and ecosystems are safe from invasive species. By 2050, invasive species are no longer the major driver of biodiversity loss and ecosystem
degradation in Australia.

Prevention & early action

Australia, being an island, has functioned like an impenetrable fortress, immune to the incursion of invasive species for millennia.

However since the modern era, hundreds of invasive species have been brought here, and unfortunately many have escaped from captivity — or were intentionally released — and have since driven one of the worst extinction crises anywhere on Earth. Today, invasive species are the leading driver of Australia’s extinction crisis. 

This is why we are building a stronger, collaborative biosecurity system that reduces the threat of invasive species to nature in Australia following our pillars below:

Investigating, evaluating and working with experts

Building trusted partnerships and cross-sector collaborations

Fearlessly advocating using evidence-based arguments and compelling communications

Stepping in when others can’t or won’t

2030 Goals

By 2030, Australia has a much stronger environmental biosecurity system, enabling more effective:

The establishment of new invasive species in Australia has substantially slowed, and no new very-high-risk species have permanently established.

Priority invasive species are being systematically eliminated from the Australian mainland and islands.

Containment and control:
Invasive species have not caused any more extinctions, high priority invasive species are benign, effectively contained or controlled, and priority biodiversity sites are being protected..


Our strategic plan

Our remit is broad and includes all categories of invasive species – plants, animals, fungi, microbes – across terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems. Although our primary focus is Australia and its territories, when opportunities arise, we support international efforts that benefit Australia, our region and the world.

Our strategic plan sets out five priority areas for the organisation’s prevention and early action work which forms the majority of our efforts. It also explains the approach to our work seeking to eradicate, contain and control invasive species that have already arrived and established in Australia.

More about what we do

If you’d like to learn more about what we do take a look at our strategy for dealing with invasive species in Australia.

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