These awards recognise major contributions to protecting the Australian natural environment from dangerous new invasive species.

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Froggatt Awards

The Froggatt Awards are named in honour of Australian entomologist Walter Froggatt, who, when the cane toad was released into Australia in the 1930s to control beetle infestations in the sugar cane industry, was a lone voice, lobbying the federal government to exercise caution.

At the time Walter wrote that ‘this great toad, immune from enemies, omnivorous in its habits, and breeding all year round, may become as great a pest as the rabbit or cactus’.

His lobbying efforts were initially successful, but overturned in 1936, and cane toads were released throughout the sugar cane regions of Queensland. The rest is history.

Invasive species are now one of the key threats to Australia’s natural environment, but their continued arrival and spread is all too often neglected as a conservation issue.

The Froggatt awards are given to those who have made a major contribution to protecting Australia’s native plants and animals, ecosystems and people from dangerous new invasive species.

Nominations for the Froggatt Awards 2022 are now closed.

Walter Froggatt

Walter Froggatt. Photo: anbg.gov.au

Nominations are now open for Froggatt Awards 2022!

Do you know an individual or organisation who deserves public recognition for their work protecting Australia’s native plants and animals from environmental weeds, diseases or pest animals?
If so, please nominate them for a 2022 Froggatt Award!

Froggatt Awards 2021 Winners

Control and Eradication

The Western Riverina Pest Project has been awarded a national Froggatt Award for undertaking the largest feral pig control program in Australia.

Community Advocacy

The community campaign Gamba Grass Roots has been awarded a national Froggatt Award for their work tackling one of Australia’s most alarming invasive species.

Control and Eradication

The Invasive Species Council has awarded the Rodent Eradication Project managed by the Lord Howe Island Board with a national Froggatt Award for their efforts controlling rodents on one of Australia’s natural treasures.

Retracted Award

A 2019 Froggatt Award to Southern Downs Regional Council was revoked.

In 2020 we saw some outstanding efforts from the winners of our annual Froggatt Awards.

In 2019 our Froggatt Awards went to Southern Downs Regional Council, Milo Yeigh and to the Hon David Littleproud.

In 2018 our Froggatt Awards went to community group Save Kosci, NSW Department of Primary Industries and Tarrangower Cactus Control Group.

In 2017 our Froggatt Awards went to the independent panel reviewing the national biosecurity system and Nic Gill, author of Animal Eco-Warriors: Humans and Animals Working Together to Protect Our Planet.

In 2016 our Froggatt Awards went to Gregory Andrews, Australia’s first Threatened Species Commissioner, SPRATS, the Sea Spurge Action Teams and Ecology Australia.

In 2015 our Froggatt Awards went to Australian Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Barnaby Joyce, NSW red imported fire ant response and Senate Environment and Communications References Committee.