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Proposed field trial of genetically modified perennial ryegrass

The Invasive Species Council recommends that the Gene Technology Regulator refuses the application for a licence to conduct a field trial of perennial ryegrass genetically modified for increased metabolisable energy content. We strongly disagree with the assessment that the ‘risks to the environment from the proposed release are negligible’.
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Combating invasive species: Priorities for the next NSW Government

We face a crisis and current measures and resources in NSW are insufficient to halt and mitigate the impact of established invasive species and prevent the arrival and spread of new invasive species. In this document we detail priority actions the next NSW government can take that will strengthen the NSW biosecurity system and address priority environmental threats from invasive species.
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2023-24 Tasmanian State Budget Submission

Feral deer in Tasmania have been increasing in numbers and distribution at an alarming rate, with the current population likely exceeding 100,000 and covering 27% of the State. This ever expanding population now threatens Tasmania’s unique and outstanding natural and cultural values along with highly valued agriculture and forestry.
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