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Island Arks Symposium IV – Norfolk Island 2016

Norfolk Island will play host to the fourth Island Arks Symposium in February 2016, focusing on a range of themes including conservation tourism, new advances in pest control and eradication

Managing invasive animals in NSW – a new review

Treating feral deer as game rather than pests. The potential for goat farming to create major landscape degradation. Zero policy on how to tackle red-eared slider turtles. These are just some of the issues we raised recently at a workshop put on by NSW’s Natural Resources Commission.

Hoisting the white flag on established pests and diseases

Moves by federal and state governments to change the way Australia manages high impact pests and diseases has set our alarm bells ringing. Are our governments looking at hoisting the white flag on all but a few popular causes?

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State updates

Want a quick wrap-up of invasive species issues across Australia? Then check out our new State Updates.