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Tough biosecurity laws should stop dangerous new invasive species like feral animals, weeds and diseases from breaching Australia's borders.

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Environmental biosecurity – the protection of our natural environment from harmful exotic weeds, pests and diseases – requires much more attention than it currently receives.

Two government-industry bodies, Plant Health Australia and Animal Health Australia, have been working for many years to keep crop and livestock industries safe from new invasive species.

That is why we have launched ‘Keeping Nature Safe’, a proposal for the establishment of Environment Health Australia, a national body dedicated to environmental biosecurity. It would bring together major participants in environmental biosecurity, effectively involve the community sector, and foster collaboration in tackling some of Australia ’s most pressing and challenging environmental threats.

Environmental Health Australia would take up the challenge of keeping our incredible natural heritage, native plants and wildlife safe from new and emerging invasive species.

Our proposal for a national body dedicated to environmental biosecurity would foster collaboration in tackling some of Australia's most pressing and challenging environmental threats.

We welcome constructive feedback on our new environmental biosecurity best practice guide, which is aimed at giving Australia a world-leading environmental biosecurity system.

This Bill marks the final stage in a major overhaul of the way Australia protects its borders from invasive animals, weeds and diseases and what happens when they are breached.

Our case studies of dangerous invasive species that have made it into Australia or are likely to arrive illustrate the need for changes in how Australia prevents the establishment of new invasive species.

Agriculture and the natural environment have stark differences that warrant distinctive approaches to biosecurity. Environmental biosecurity cannot just be bolted on to industry biosecurity.