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During the unprecedented challenges, whether from bushfire, climate change or coronavirus, our work remains just as important.

Take for example the summer 2019-20 bushfires. The control of pest and weed control is the number one thing we can do to help our native wildlife recover.

After the bushfires, close to 200 threatened species have lost more than 30% of their habitat from the bushfires.  Native marsupials, birds and lizards without the protection of their habitat are sitting ducks for feral cats and foxes. Hard-hooved herbivores such as feral horses, deer, pigs and goats are trampling and chewing what remains of precious food sources.

With governments working on responding to the threat from Covid-19, the natural environment and its threats will get less attention. Once the crisis passes, global travel will resume. Global trade will also grow again. The risks of new and more dangerous environmental invasive species entering Australia and wreaking havoc on our wildlife and the places we love is not a threat that will go away.

But, despite the challenges we remain determined to drive state and federal governments and our entire community to protect Australia from harmful invasive species.

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Andrew Cox, Invasive Species Council CEO


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