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Our conservation and science committee ensures our work is informed by some of Australia's leading thinkers on biosecurity, biodiversity science, social science and invasive species management.

About Us  |  Our conservation and science committee

Our conservation and science committee

Dr Sarah Legge

Sarah is a Professor at the Australian National University and a Principal Research Fellow with The University of Queensland.

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Dr Mark Lonsdale

Mark has been chief of CSIRO Entomology and CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences, and has served as Co-Chair of the Multidisciplinary Expert Panel (MEP) overseeing IPBES, the UN global biodiversity assessment platform.

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Dr Lynette McLeod

Lynette’s 30 years’ experience has seen her holding professional research positions within NSW Department of Primary Industries and New England University, and working with the community to manage a range of issues, including free-roaming cats, wild dogs and widespread weeds.

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Dr April Reside

April is a lecturer in wildlife science at the University of Queensland. Her research encompasses ecology, conservation, and policy, with a particular focus on vertebrates.

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Ian Thompson (Chair)

Ian has been responsible for Australian Government policy and programs across Landcare and natural resources, water, fisheries, forestry, biosecurity, rural policy and adjustment and drought.

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Dr Samantha Setterfield

Samantha has more than 25 years experience in tropical ecology with a focus on tropical savanna and wetland ecology, invasive plant ecology, and weed risk management.

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