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Tassie deer spotters

If you’ve seen fallow deer while bushwalking, fishing, or even in your neighbourhood report the sighting to the Tassie Deer Spotters iNaturalist page.

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Sambar Deer

Feral deer in Tasmania

Tasmania needs a comprehensive feral deer management strategy that reduces the destructive impacts of deer and protects the environment and farmers.

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Careful where you tread! Pseudoscleropodium purum is an invasive moss that reproduces by fragmentation, making it easy to spread.

A cautious bushcarer gathers no moss

To the untrained eye this moss in the foothills of Hobart’s kunanyi/Mt Wellington looks like a natural part of the landscape, but dig a little deeper and you’ll discover it holds a nasty little secret.

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Submission to draft Tasmanian Biosecurity Bill

Submitted: June 2017
This submission to the draft Tasmanian biosecurity legislation provides 25 recommendations ranging from suggestions that in environmental biosecurity matters the Environment Minister be consulted through to requiring a general biosecurity duty.

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