Victorian Deer Control Community Network

Feral deer are emerging as one of Australia’s most serious environmental and agricultural threats. Victoria has possibly the largest deer population in Australia, estimated to be over a million animals. The feral deer population is expanding rapidly and invading new areas.

There are many organisations, institutions, businesses, groups and individuals in Victoria actively involved in feral deer control, research, campaigning or are directly impacted by feral deer. However, other than local networks, there is no statewide forum to share information, experiences and collectively seek solutions.

The Victorian Deer Control Community Network will provide a platform for statewide collaboration over matters related to feral deer.

We are now encouraging people and organisations to join and contribute to the network, the only prerequisite is being interested in reducing the impact of feral deer. To become a member please download and read our Terms of Reference before filling in the application form below.

The Invasive Species Council helped form the network and is providing executive officer support as well as website resources for the new community-driven initiative.

By 2030, a healthy and respectful collaboration of community, interest groups, institutions and government has resulted in the substantial and sustained reduction in the distribution of feral deer and the impact of feral deer on the community, environment and the economy.

To substantially reduce the impact and distribution of feral deer in Victoria.

The key roles of the network are, in relation to reducing the impacts and distribution of feral deer in Victoria, to:

  • Share information.
    Build knowledge and capacity.
  • Raise awareness in the community of the need for effective control.
  • Advocate for effective policy and control programs.
  • Advocate for adequate funding and resources.
  • Advocate for targeted research.
  • Identify opportunities for collaboration.

The geographic scope of the VDCCN encompasses anywhere in Victoria where feral deer are present or have the potential to be present. Matters for the VDCCN are those related to reducing the impact and distribution of feral deer in Victoria.

Membership application

In the event of my admission as a member, I agree to act in accordance with Terms of Reference for the Victorian Deer Control Community Network.

A review of Victoria’s Wildlife Act is a chance to move on from the past by managing feral deer as a pest.

Dr Annelise Wiebkin is ready to tackle one of Australia’s worse emerging pest animal problems – feral deer.

Feral deer are probably Australia’s worst emerging pest problem, causing damage to the natural environment and agriculture.