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Environmental biosecurity. It’s back on the agenda

Securing Australia’s agricultural industries from dangerous new invasive species has long been the top priority in our biosecurity systems, but when it comes to environmental risks we haven’t fared so well. Well, that’s starting to change.

Animal eco-warriors to the rescue

Biosecurity beagles in Hobart, dogs sniffing out orange hawkweed in the alps and a terrier with a penchant for cat eradication are just some of the animal eco-warriors you will meet in a new book by Nic Gill.

NSW government baulks at pest reform

The NSW government has failed to properly address the growing threat of feral deer, eradication of red-eared slider turtles or the spread of redfin perch.

Protecting a treasured island from invasive species

Our CEO Andrew Cox recently visited Norfolk Island in the Pacific to learn about efforts tackling invasive species and building a biosecurity system, the keys to its future conservation success.