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Gamba grass has been found in Kakadu. Photo: Pen Ash | Pixabay

Gamba grass

Gamba grass was declared a weed by both the Queensland and Northern Territory governments thanks to our efforts.

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Blackberry. Photo: Matthew Baker

Weedy garden escapees

The majority of Australia’s weeds have been introduced deliberately, and most of them have escaped from gardens (garden escapees), doing terrible damage to our natural environment.

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Pampas grass. Photo: Kirt-Edblom | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

A safe list to stop new weeds

To combat Australia’s worsening weed problem, the most important reform for weed prevention would be new laws to create a list of safe plant species that can be sold and moved in each state and territory.

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Swabbing a frog for chytrid fungus.

What are pathogens?

Pathogens, known to most people as germs, are viruses, bacteria and fungi that cause disease when they infect other organisms.

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