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The numbat is listed as endangered and under threat from foxes and cats. Photo: Seashalia Gibb | Pixabay

Our Wins

The Invasive Species Council has a proud history of standing up to protect Australia’s incredible natural world from the multiple threats of dangerous pest animals, weeds and diseases.

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Tim Low on Macquarie Island.

Our Story

The Invasive Species Council was founded by far sighted individuals sick of seeing wave after wave of weeds, feral animals and other pests destroying the natural places they loved.

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Christine Milne, Ambassador

As an ambassador for the Invasive Species Council Christine will help raise the profile of the ecological disasters being driven by invasive species, work for increased funding and national action as well as a more integrated Asia Pacific regional and global response from Australia.

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Superb fairy wren. Photo: Patrick Kavanagh

Leave a lasting legacy

Create a lasting environmental legacy by leaving a Gift in your Will to help us grow and keep Australia safe from the damage invasive species inflict on our incredible natural world.

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Feral Cat preying on Galah. Photo: Mark Marathon | CC BY-SA 4.0

Strategic plan

The Invasive Species Council campaigns for better laws and protections for our native plants and animals from weeds, pests and feral invaders.

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Passionate volunteers walk to the summit of Mt Kosciuszko calling for greater protection of Kosciuszko National Park from feral animals.


We work on invasive species issues across Australia. If you have a passion for protecting our native plants and animals get in touch.

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Tasmanian flora. Photo: John Sampson

Who we are

The Invasive Species Council campaigns for stronger laws, policies and programs to keep Australia’s native plants and animals safe from weeds, feral animals and other invasive species.

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Feral Cat

What are invasive species?

Our Work Invasive species include pest animals like feral cats and foxes, introduced marine pests, weeds, diseases, fungi and parasites, as well as insects from overseas like the European wasp. Our Work  | Photo: Frankzed, Flickr CC BY 2.0 What are invasive species? Along with climate change and habitat loss,

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