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Yellow crazy ants in Australia

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Yellow crazy ants are a highly aggressive tramp ant from south-east Asia that made it into Australia through our ports. In a suitable climate, such as the Queensland Wet Tropics, they can form “super colonies” that cover vast areas and carry huge social, environmental and financial impacts.

Recreational hunting NSW: claims v facts

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Invasive animals, particularly foxes, cats, rabbits and rats, have caused most of Australia’s animal extinctions and imperil many more species. Hardhoofed feral herbivores like goats and deer damage wildlife habitats and threaten many rare plants. How to control feral animals effectively and humanely to protect native species and ecosystems is one of the greatest challenges…

Climate change and invasive species

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Climate change is expected to cause extinctions when native plants and animals are prevented from migrating out of their hotter or drier habitats to more suitable climates. But for many species a more imminent or serious threat will be the opportunities created by climate change for invasive species to proliferate and cause more harm. Invasive…

Bumblebees in Tasmania – pollination push

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Former Palmer United senator Jacquie Lambie is backing a push to allow Tasmanian tomato growers to use feral bumblebees as pollinators in glasshouses.

The move is seen as a first step in introducing bumblebees to mainland Australia, where they could threaten native bee populations and other insects as well as help spread weeds.