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Deer hunting scheme will cost us dear

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The Invasive Species Council today called on the Victorian Government to scrap its proposed recreational hunting scheme, which will considerably worsen environmental damage from feral deer. As documented in its report, A Deer Mistake, evidence from all over the world shows that recreational hunting almost never achieves effective control of feral animals. Author of the report and…

Thumbs up for NT gamba grass weed declaration

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The Invasive Species Council has welcomed the declaration of gamba grass as a weed by the Northern Territory government (which follows bans by the Queensland and Western Australian governments). ISC also called for better protection against other fire-promoting pasture grasses. “Gamba grass is the worst of the worst, the triffid of the plant world,” ISC…

Savannah cats: Australia wide open to bigger, meaner, tougher pests

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Under current laws the Australian environment could be devastated by the importation of all sorts of bigger, tougher, and meaner varieties of existing feral pests. The Invasive Species Council welcomes recent scientific and public concern about the mega Savannah cats, for highlighting major loopholes in federal environmental laws that typically do not require risk assessments…