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NSW Game Council abolished, but questions remain

The Invasive Species Council praised the decision by the NSW Government today to abolish the NSW Game Council and suspend hunting on public lands. It is a common sense decision that recognises the fundamental flaws of the NSW Game Council, the serious safety issues and the negative environmental result. “This

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Delivery of NSW Biosecurity Strategy unclear

The Invasive Species Council today expressed its support for the intent of the NSW Government’s new Biosecurity Strategy, released today by the NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell, but questioned the capacity and commitment of the government to deliver. ISC CEO Andrew Cox highlighted reduced staff and resources in the sector, the

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Invasive Species Council appoints new CEO

The Invasive Species Council board has announced the appointment this week of Andrew Cox as its CEO. Andrew brings to the Council a broad range of experience from his work in the environmental sector, including in government, community-based organisations and those working on private land conservation. Andrew Cox said he

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Queensland will regret walking away from ant eradication

The Invasive Species Council deplores the Queensland Government’s decision to abandon the state’s eradication program for yellow crazy ants, one of the world’s worst invasive species. “This is incredibly short-sighted budget cutting,” the council’s president Andrew Cox said today. “For the sake of a million or so dollars, the Queensland

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Weeds for aid – Australian wattles embroiled in dangerous overseas aid

Aid and development agencies are courting disaster in Africa by promoting Australian wattles, warns Invasive Species Council biologist Tim Low, whose paper reviewing the problem was published this week in Biological Invasions. “Aid agencies face pressure to provide quick solutions to long-term problems, so they recommend plants that thrive on

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Once-in-a-century chance to get biosecurity right

The federal government has given the Australian community a once-in-a-century opportunity to have a say in new quarantine and biosecurity legislation now open for public comment. “Australia’s biosecurity preparedness and response capabilities must be improved to better protect the environment from the next cane toad or prickly pear,” Invasive Species

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