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Feral horses

Feral horse numbers are expanding across the Australian Alps and other parts of the country, causing immense ecological damage.

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Cruise ships are one of several pathways by which new invasive species can reach Norfolk Island. Photo: Thomas Huxley | CC BY-ND 2.0

Norfolk Island conservation project

We’re working with the Norfolk Island community to control invasive pests and stop the introduction of potential new pest species. We are also supporting a project to map the vegetation of Norfolk Island for the first time.

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Myrtle rust infecting Agonis flexuosa. Photo: NSW Department of Industry & Innovation

Myrtle rust

In April 2010 a new pathogen that could fundamentally alter Australia’s ecology was detected in NSW. Australia was caught off-guard in responding to this new incursion.

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Fire ants. Photo: Mikhail Vasilyev | Unsplash

Invasive ants

People, wildlife, agriculture, infrastructure – no aspect of our lives is safe from the destructive power of invasive ants now found in Australia.

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Case Studies

These case studies illustrate the need for Australia to prevent the establishment of new invasive species in the country.

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Is hunting conservation?

Funding recreational hunting as a primary method of control is a waste of taxpayers’ money. At best, hunters can supplement more effective methods of feral animal control.

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