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Learning from past mistakes

Frank Teodo lives on the edge of world heritage listed rainforest. Since yellow crazy ants invaded the area the impact to Frank, his pets, fruit trees and the wildlife around his property has been horrific. Australia needs to act to eradicate yellow crazy ants from the wet tropics region of Queensland. After you hear Frank’s personal account you will understand why.

Learning from past mistakes

Introduced into Australia with the First Fleet rabbits have become a serious environmental invader. Their rapid spread shows what can happen when a new pest makes it into our country.

The Invasive Species Council is the only organisation campaigning full-time to keep Australia free of new environmental invaders.

Tropical fire ants on Ashmore Reef

Invasive ants can spell disaster even for remote natural wonderlands. Ashmore Reef is a group of islands north of Western Australia, which are very important to seabird and turtle breeding.

However, tropical fire ants have now established on the islands and are killing many turtle hatchlings and sea bird chicks before they can leave the nest, often before they can even finish hatching out of their egg.

Monash University Ecologist Dr Rohan Clarke makes a case for why we should care about Ashmore Reef and how better biosecurity and an eradication program are needed.

Koster’s curse – Australia’s next lantana

Koster’s curse has been described as Australia’s new lantana. A slow growing, invasive weed it smothers pastures and the native understory of tropical rainforests.

It poses a threat to agriculture and the rainforests of our wet tropics. In Hawaii it has smothered everything in its path and forced landowners off their land – a bleak outlook for Australia’s beautiful wet tropics.

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