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Froggatt Awards

The Froggatt Awards are named in honour of Australian entomologist Walter Froggatt, who, when the cane toad was released into Australia in the 1930s to control beetle infestations in the sugar cane industry, was a lone voice, lobbying the federal government to exercise caution. At the time Walter wrote that ‘this great toad, immune from…

Froggatt Awards 2016

Invasive species have become one of the largest threats facing Australia’s natural environment, but their continued arrival and spread is all too often neglected as a conservation issue. The Froggatt Awards are given to those who have made a major contribution to protecting Australia’s native plants and animals, ecosystems and people from dangerous new invasive…

Our 2015 Froggatt Award in the communications category was presented to Daniel Bateman, Lucy Karger, Lori Lach and Frank Teodo for raising awareness about yellow crazy ant eradication from Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

Froggatt Awards 2015

In 2015 our Froggatt Awards recognised the exceptional efforts of four Queenslanders in their fight to eradicate yellow crazy ants from the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. A Froggatt was also given to federal minister Barnaby Joyce for enforcing Australia’s strict quarantine laws after discovering actor Johnny Depp’s dogs Pistol and Boo had been brought into…


Along with climate change and habitat loss, invasive species are one of the top three threats facing Australia’s native plants, wildlife and ecosystems. We have one of the worst animal extinction records in the world, due mainly to invasive species. We are also notorious for having lost by far the highest number of mammals in recent…

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