Feral deer

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Deer are probably Australia’s worse emerging pest animal problem, causing damage to the natural environment and agricultural businesses. Populations are expanding and deer are invading new areas, many due to deliberate introductions by recreational hunters.

NSW has listed the damage caused by deer as a key threatening process and removed the protected ‘game’ status for feral deer on all private land. It now designates deer a pest species.

Victoria has listed sambar impacts as a threatening process and yet it, like Tasmania, continues to protect deer as a hunting resource.

The Tasmanian Government must develop a comprehensive feral deer management strategy that reduces the destructive impacts of deer and protects the environment and farmers.

More than a million deer now trample Victoria’s national parks, high country, coastal country and the Mallee, and yet the Victorian government is yet to list them as a pest animal.

The Victorian Deer Control Community Network is aimed at reducing the growing impacts of feral deer on Victoria’s farming communities and natural environment.