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Save Kosciuszko National Park from feral horse impacts

Despite the end of livestock grazing in the national park in 1969 and the restoration of the damage, rapidly growing numbers of feral horses are now destroying the habitats of threatened animals such as the corroboree frog, broad-toothed mouse, Guthega skink and alpine crayfish. The horses are damaging endangered plants, sensitive wetlands and the alpine watershed of three iconic rivers – the Snowy, Murrumbidgee and the Murray. They are desecrating sites and landscape of cultural heritage value to Indigenous Australians.

Through a new online parliamentary petition we’re calling on the NSW legislative assembly to:

  1. Urgently implement a new Kosciuszko horse management plan.
  2. Fund a restoration program for horse-affected areas in Kosciuszko National Park.
  3. Repeal the 2018 Kosciuszko Wild Horse Heritage Act.

We’re calling on all NSW residents to urgently sign this petition. Reaching 20,000 signatures will automatically trigger a debate in the NSW legislative assembly. Politicians will be required to declare their position and acknowledge the voice of the many NSW people who care for Kosciuszko.

Can you help us send a strong message to the NSW government?