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Imported roses pose very high risks to Australia because the layered petals provide many hiding places for invasive insects. Photo: anncapictures | Pixabay

Pests in the petals

Australia’s love affair with imported fresh flowers runs the risk of introducing deadly insect invaders into the country, warns Tim Low.

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Queensland election scorecard: Policy commitments on yellow crazy ants, feral deer and weeds.

Qld Election: Crazy ants, feral deer and rampant weeds

The Invasive Species Council today released its scorecard on where Queensland political parties stand when it comes to protecting the state from invasive yellow crazy ants, feral deer and rampant environmental weeds. “Queensland is a real battleground in the fight against environmentally destructive invasive ants, feral deer and weeds, and

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Pampas grass. Photo: Kirt-Edblom | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

A safe list to stop new weeds

To combat Australia’s worsening weed problem, the most important reform for weed prevention would be new laws to create a list of safe plant species that can be sold and moved in each state and territory.

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Feral horses

Feral horse numbers are expanding across the Australian Alps and other parts of the country, causing immense ecological damage.

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Diver with Humphead Wrasse, Great Barrier Reef. Photo: Flickr | brewbooks

Environment Health Australia

Enviromental Health Australia would be a national body dedicated to environmental biosecurity and tackling Australia’s most pressing environmental threats.

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