Invasive Species Council submission to the inquiry

The 170-page submission by the Invasive Species Council to the Senate inquiry shows that Australia has suffered major losses due to invasive species.

The submission provides data and case studies that indicate ongoing, serious, and systemic flaws in environmental biosecurity. It addresses each of the terms of reference and makes recommendations to strengthen environmental biosecurity to prevent the flow of new invasive species that continue to arrive and establish with deadly consequences for the Australian environment. The submission was endorsed by 30 national and state conservation organisations.

Also submitted was a collection of 15 case studies that form an attachment to the primary submission. These detailed case studies consist of examples of 12 recent incursions, 4 high risk potential incursions and one demonstration of the illegal internet plant trade.

Invasive Species Council submission – executive summary (1.4MB) >>
Invasive Species Council submission – executive summary and full submission (2MB) >>
Invasive Species Council submission attachment – case studies (5MB) >>

Committee progress

The Committee completed its final report on 13 May 2015. The tri-partisan report contained 26 recommendations.

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