Biosecurity failures in Australia: 12 case studies

We’ve drawn up 12 case studies detailing biosecurity failures in Australia since 2000. These case studies clearly show how weaknesses in our biosecurity systems have allowed the entry and establishment of new invasive species likely to cause environmental harm:

  1. Red imported fire ant
  2. Myrtle rust
  3. Smooth newt
  4. Yellow crazy ant
  5. Asian black-spined toad
  6. Mexican feathergrass
  7. Asian honey bee
  8. Pigeon paramyxovirus
  9. Argentine ant, Norfolk Island
  10. Red-eared slider turtle
  11. Jack Dempsey cichlid
  12. Emerald furrow bee

These failures show that Australia’s biosecurity system is poorly prepared for new environmental invaders. The flaws include a lack of prioritisation, contingency planning and surveillance for environmental threats, and ineffective responses to new incursions.

Biosecurity failures

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