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The survival of our native animals is in our hands.

An incredible line up of decisions can turn the tide for our critically endangered animals. Three waves of extinction are being driven by invasive species, the leading cause of animal extinction. Feral cats and foxes, diseases like chytrid fungus and myrtle rust and the impacts of trout are the worst culprits. 

If you and I act now, we create monumental change. 

Your gift today will fund our team of experts to stop cat-led extinctions. We’ll work alongside the feral cat taskforce and help mobilise Australians to speak up for a strong action on feral cats. 

Your gift today will also fund our work to change the system so that it prioritises reducing threats like invasive species. We’ll develop legislative solutions that can be inserted into the new environmental laws and persuade decision makers to make ambitious improvements to the broader system and create the game changer that nature needs.  

Your gift today will also protect our wildlife from the invaders yet to arrive. We’ll shine a spotlight on threats like the new strain of bird flu and call on the Agriculture Minister Watt to prioritise environmental biosecurity and dramatically increase funding.

With your help, we will strike now, while we have a willing federal government. With the clear support of the Australian people and the voice of experts we can seize this trifecta of change and start Australia’s wildlife revival. 

Please make an urgent donation to save our little Aussie battlers back and start a wildlife revival.

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