Protect Australia from Deadly Invasive Species

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The latest science clearly shows invasive species are putting more of Australia’s native species at risk of extinction than any other environmental threat. The Invasive Species Council is seeking biosecurity commitments from all political parties ahead of the 2019 federal election to protect nature from deadly invaders. 

Established invasive species like feral cats, foxes as well as major environmental weeds and diseases continue to wreak havoc on our native species, while new threats such as the smooth newt and Asian black-spined toad are continually knocking at our door.

Although stopping and controlling invasive species is often difficult, past achievements show it can be done, but we need the resources to do it.

Australia has much work ahead of it to bring environmental biosecurity up to the standard of that reached for agriculture and human health. The next federal government has a chance to make great strides in filling the gaps.

This report, Protect Australia from Deadly Invasive Species, outlines a six-point action plan to bridge this gap and properly protect our country from dangerous invasive species.


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Help stop Australia's extinction crisis!

Myrtle rust broke into Australia in 2010 and is rapidly spreading through our landscapes. Already, 16 species of native rainforest trees are facing extinction. Click below to write to the federal Environment Minister calling for changes to our broken environmental laws that let this happen.