12 biosecurity failures in Australia: Asian black-spined toad

 Asian black-spined toadThe Asian black-spined toad is widely accepted by governments as a high-risk target for interception and presumably a high priority for eradication if there is an incursion.

The recent rate of interceptions (about 10 a year) and three detected incursions since 2000 suggest a high likelihood of establishment of this invasive species in Australia.

It is unclear what plans have been developed to respond to incursions and whether they will be sufficient to prevent permanent establishment.

More case studies

This is just one of 12 case studies demonstrating how weaknesses in Australia’s biosecurity systems have allowed the entry and establishment of new species likely to cause environmental harm.

All 12 case studies were submitted to the Australian Senate inquiry into how well we are prepared to prevent the entry and establishment of invasive species likely to harm our natural environment.

Image: Asian black-spined toad, DEPI Vic