How to help

Create lasting environmental legacy by leaving a Gift in your Will that will help our organisation grow and keep Australia safe from the damage invasive species inflict on our incredible natural world.

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Leave a lasting legacy

Australia is a very special place, our cherished natural wonders and wildlife are the envy of the world.

That’s why the work we do is so important. It builds a lasting legacy of nature protection, one that will keep Australia safe from dangerous new invasive species and the huge damage they inflict on our natural world.

How to leave a gift

If you would like to be part of this legacy you can leave the Invasive Species Council Incorporated a residuary gift (the balance remaining after loved ones are provided for), a specific gift of cash or property, or a proportion or percentage of your estate.

Our suggested wording for a will is:

“I give the rest and residue…” OR
“I give [insert description of specific gift]… OR
“I give [insert percentage] %…

…of my estate free from all debts (secured and unsecured) and all duties and taxes (whether federal or state) payable in respect of my estate to the Invasive Species Council Incorporated (ABN 27 101 522 829) for its general purposes, and I declare that the receipt of an authorised officer of the said Invasive Species Council Incorporated shall be a full and sufficient discharge of this bequest.”

Let us know

If you have includes us in your will we would love to know so that we can thank you properly. You can send us a message from our website contact form.