Feral deer

A large male red deer in the Grampians. Photo: Steve Morvell

A large male red deer in the Grampians. Photo: Steve Morvell

Deer are probably Australia’s worst emerging pest problem, causing damage to the natural environment and agricultural businesses. Populations are expanding and deer are invading new areas, many due to deliberate introductions by recreational hunters.

NSW has listed the damage caused by deer as a key threatening process and Victoria has listed sambar impacts as a threatening process. Yet both states, as well as Tasmania, protect deer as a hunting resource.

We have called called on these states to fall into line with Queensland and South Australia by declaring deer feral pests. We advocate eradication of populations where it is possible and control to protect the environment.

Many people have contacted us to tell of the damage feral deer are causing to their local environment. We invite you to email us with information, which we will use to try to persuade governments to implement effective control programs.

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