Take action to protect Victoria from feral horses

Victoria has some of the rarest plants and animals in Australia. Home to unique High Country environments like the Alpine National Park. Here sensitive sphagnum wetlands and a diversity of life evolved free from the impact of hard-hoofed invaders over millennia. 

All that has changed. Feral horses numbering in their thousands are trampling the delicate ecosystems with their hard hoofs, damaging habitats for our native wildlife. It’s not just our alpine regions under threat. The world’s largest river red gum forest at Barmah National Park is protected by international law — yet feral horses are still trampling new saplings and grazing down important keystone grassland species.   

Vocal opponents are getting traction to stop feral horse management. A motion has been passed in the upper house of the Victorian parliament that increases pressure on the government to backpedal on current feral horse management plans. To have Victoria’s government shy away from a science-based response to protect our national parks would lock in the decline of threatened species, place water catchments in peril and put Victoria’s international reputation at risk. 

That’s why urgent action is needed.

Please submit an email today to the Minister for the Environment along with the environment spokespeople for the Opposition and cross-bench, calling for a science-based response that includes rapid and effective control of feral horses in Victoria.