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Victoria has some of the rarest plants and animals in Australia. That is why it is shocking that in our most loved, protected areas we are allowing feral horses numbering in their thousands to trample the delicate ecosystems with their hard hoofs.

Please act now to stop this damage. 

Our unique high-country environments like Alpine National Park are home to sensitive sphagnum wetlands and a diversity of life. From the alpine tree frog to to the alpine water skink, they have evolved free from the impact of hard hoofed invaders over millennia.

All that has changed now. It’s not just our alpine regions under threat. The world’s largest river red gum forest at Barmah National Park is also at risk from over grazing and trampling by feral horses. This area is so important it’s even protected by international law — yet feral horses are still trampling new saplings and grazing down important keystone grassland species.

This is why we need you. 

Take action and SIGN NOW to tell the Victorian Government: Urgently implement a plan that rapidly and humanely reduces the number of feral horses in Victoria’s unique environments — before it’s too late.

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