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Stop Australia’s parks being turned into paddocks

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Please donate today to stop the trampling, trashing and muddying of Australia’s most loved places and their critically endangered wildlife.

Australia’s unique World Heritage areas and national parks are buckling under the pressure of the millions of introduced hard hoofs and hungry mouths. 

It has already gone too far — our World Heritage areas and national parks are at a tipping point.

In Kosciuszko, feral horses outnumber the critically endangered southern corroboree frog. 

In the Victorian Alps, feral deer outnumber the iconic platypus. 

In Tasmania, herds of feral deer are starting to invade the iconic Walls of Jerusalem National Park.

When governments fail to control feral hard-hoofed pests we all suffer. Across Australia, Indigenous cultural heritage, native plants and wildlife, water quality and farms are all struggling under the impact.

We are making progress towards zero extinctions and politicians are committing to action on introduced hard-hoofs  — but noisy, powerful opponents are also in their ear. 

Your donation today will:

  • Grow our community of support for action on protecting our plants and wildlife from feral horses and deer
  • Ensure feral horse management plans stay in place and are implemented without delay in NSW and Victoria
  • Remove the protected status of feral deer in Victoria and Tasmania, and ensure well-funded, science-based plans are adopted to tackle the crisis.

Please donate today to protect our country’s magnificent diversity from hard-hoofed invaders.