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Most Australians are aware of the devastation inflicted on our wildlife by the fox, feral cat and cane toad, but how many of us know about the new and potentially even more devastating species that continue to enter our country?


Feral cats kill an estimated 75 million native animals across Australia every night.

Since 2000 some of the world’s most serious environmental threats have penetrated Australia’s environmental border defences, including red imported fire ants, yellow crazy ants, the Asian black spined toad and the plant-killing fungal disease myrtle rust.

We also have a major problem with invasive plants. On average 20 non-native plant species escape into the Australian bush every year, many become serious environmental weeds.

Sadly, the story of Australia’s invasion did not stop with the fox, feral cat, rabbit or cane toad, it is a story that continues to this day.

Stopping invasive species in their tracks

Bitter experience tells us that in almost all cases the best solution to protecting Australia from dangerous new invasive species is stopping them from entering the country in the first place.

If that fails our fallback position is to hit them hard and fast while their numbers are low.

That’s why we focus our efforts on stopping new weeds, feral animals and other exotic species from entering and becoming established in Australia.

We can’t turn the clock back and eliminate harmful weeds and feral animals already established in Australia, but we can stop dangerous new species from calling Australia home.

With your help we can:

  • Increase understanding by building government, industry and public awareness about the threats of invasive species to Australia’s native biodiversity.
  • Reform laws, policies and practices to increase the nation’s capacity to prevent the importation of more invasive species and to limit the establishment and spread of weeds and pests in Australia.
  • Protect Australia from the most dangerous invasive species by advocating for prohibitions, declarations, and control of particular species.
  • Build a community of invasive species advocates by working with our members, other environment and community groups, experts and decision-makers to build the momentum for reform.
  • Work at the cutting edge by identifying and raising awareness of emerging issues and keeping up with the latest science.

More about what we do

If you’d like to learn more about what we do take a look at our strategy for dealing with invasive species in Australia.

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