The impacts of roaming Cats in Australia

Affectionate, playful, mischievous, relentless, prowling, predator. Cat-lover or not, none of us can escape the devastating impacts they are having on Australia’s wildlife. Cats inhabit almost all of Australia and continue to drive many native species toward extinction.

Many of us believe our pet cats never kill animals because they only get let out at certain times or are too passive, lazy or slow to catch anything.

But even if your pet cat hasn’t brought native wildlife home, any cat allowed free-roaming time is almost certainly killing native wildlife. 

Research using tracking collars and scat analysis has established that the vast majority of animals killed by pet cats are not brought home. We also know 39% of pet cats that are brought in at night sneak back out again to roam and hunt.

There are many things responsible cat owners can do to help keep our wildlife safe and our pets happy, but the most important one is to keep your cat securely contained at home or on a leash at all times just like a pet dog. This will keep them safe from injury and disease and protect native wildlife in your local neighbourhood.

For more information, check out this fact sheet on the impact of pet cats on Australian wildlife.

Don’t be fooled by his slightly grouchy face. Leo is a healthy, safe and contented indoors cat, and an adored family member.