Dr Lynette McLeod

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Lynette is a leader in the area of social science and environmental psychology, whose work is focused on improving human behavioural change to achieve better outcomes for people and the environment. Her interdisciplinary approach to research is guided by thirty years of experience across both science and social science fields, holding professional research positions within NSW Department of Primary Industries and New England University, and working with the community to manage a range of issues, including free-roaming cats, wild dogs and widespread weeds.

Lynette currently runs McLeod Research, a consulting company helping organisations better understand their target audiences, and design improved behaviour change interventions. Lynette has recently moved to Christchurch, where she is an adjunct Senior Fellow at the University of Canterbury and is part of the National Science Challenge team empowering environmental stewardship and Kaitiakitanga.

Dr Lynette McLeod, Invasive Species Council Conservation & Science Committee Member.