Dr Carol Booth, Principal Policy Analyst

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For Carol, biosecurity is one of the most vital, complex, neglected, challenging and fascinating areas of conservation, and she sees excellent potential for reform through her work with the Invasive Species Council.

Carol has been a conservation analyst and advocate since the mid-1990s, working with a range of environmental NGOs to design and promote legal and policy reforms for nature conservation. One of her achievements was to stop the large-scale killing of flying-foxes in Queensland by taking precedent-setting legal action under national and state environment laws.

Carol has a background in science and philosophy, with doctorates in biology and environmental philosophy. She is also a professional writer and editor, the author of numerous scientific and conservation reports as well as popular articles. As the manager of a private protected area, she sees the damage caused by invasive species – goats destroying endangered plants, cats and foxes preying on wildlife, weeds out-competing native plants – and understands the difficulty of managing them.

Carol works on the land of the Kambuwal people.

Dr Carol Booth, Principal Policy Analyst for Invasive Species Council
Dr Carol Booth, Principal Policy Analyst