Invasive Species Council appoints new CEO

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The Invasive Species Council board has announced the appointment this week of Andrew Cox as its CEO.

Andrew brings to the Council a broad range of experience from his work in the environmental sector, including in government, community-based organisations and those working on private land conservation.

Andrew Cox said he was keen to get to work on one of the most important environmental issues in Australia.

“All indicators show that the threat to the natural environment by invasive species in Australia is high and accelerating, even in our protected areas. Climate change will undoubtedly compound this. Invasive species imperil a majority of our threatened species, second only to habitat loss.”

“The Invasive Species Council is well placed to make a difference because it is able to speak openly about the problems and is committed to taking a science-based, long-term view of a very challenging problem.”

“Tackling invasive species is not as simple as trying to stop the spread of cane toads, pulling out weeds or trapping cats. We need to work on preventing the next wave of invasive species outgrowing and out-competing our native plants and animals.

“I’m also committed to finding the best ways to support the work of those managing private and public land and their daily battle against invasive species. This means searching for partnerships with those willing to shape the bigger picture,” said Mr Cox.

Andrew served as President of Invasive Species Council from 2011 where he helped strengthen the organisation’s strategic approach to its work.

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Andrew Cox, Invasive Species Council CEO – 0438 588 040.

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