Tell your local NSW state election candidates that tackling invasive species is a vote winner!

At the end of January, while most of us were still in holiday mode, the NSW government ‘quietly’ released bad news about Kosciuszko National Park: feral horse numbers have dramatically increased by over 30% in just two years despite a commitment from the state government to rapidly reduce the population.

There are now more than 18,800 feral horses trampling the Snowies and endangering the unique wildlife that call the mountains home.

But with a state election this March, we have a window to spark change that protects nature in NSW. And this shocking news makes it more urgent than ever to take action.

Our expert team has written a thorough list of policy asks detailing exactly what the next NSW government needs to do to stamp out some of the worst invasive species impacts across the state – from tackling feral cats in strategic sites to preventing new weeds being sold in nurseries.

These policies are a roadmap to saving the NSW environment from some of its greatest threats that are driving extinctions and ecological devastation state-wide. But they will only become a reality if every key political candidate at the 2023 NSW state election hears about it from you!

We’ve been busy meeting with candidates and generating lots of media coverage on invasive species. But the only way we are going to get the next NSW government to take bold actions to tackle invasive species is if voters like you tell your local candidates to listen to the science and implement policies that make a difference. 

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This may look a bit different to other letter writing campaigns you have seen – that’s because sending an email from your own email address is powerful. We know from experience that when political candidates receive personal emails from people like you, they take it seriously. So please complete the form to get your writing kit and send a message now!

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