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The reality of government decision making is that ministers are influenced by what they think people want.  Once a dangerous new invasive species is widespread and established in Australia, people will demand action, but unfortunately by then it is usually too late to make a real difference.

We need governments to act while the problem is still surmountable.  This is why we need people like you to add your voices, to let our governments know we need action on these important issues while we can still make a difference.

Yellow crazy ants

The cost of eradicating yellow crazy ants is tiny compared to the value of our Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. Please send a message to our politicians calling on them to fund the eradication program.
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Project-fire-antsHelp stop fire ants in their tracks

The red fire ant is no ordinary menace. In the US where it has spread across 15 states, 80 people have been killed after being swarmed and stung, and many billions of dollars are spent every year just trying to keep the ants under control.

We have them in Australia, but with enough funding we can still eradicate them before it’s too late.

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Support Environment Health Australia

Indicate your support for our proposal for Environment Health Australia, a national body dedicated to environmental biosecurity.


Keep your gear clean in the wild

When exploring Australia’s wild places, it’s all-too-easy to unwittingly spread weeds and diseases that can kill wildlife and destroy wild places. We list seven simple techniques to keep your gear clean and our wild places free of deadly pests and diseases.


Border Patrol – we need your eyes online

Online sales of prohibited weeds and wildlife are making a mockery of Australia’s biosecurity laws. That’s why we’re launching Border Patrol Eyes Online.


Get involved

In 2013 we carried out a national survey of organisations helping to protect their local areas from weeds and other invasive species. We’ve used the survey results to assemble a national directory to help you find a group where you can get your hands dirty.