Peter Jacobs, Deer Project Officer – Victoria

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Peter has an extensive background in conservation programs and protected area management. He has been a senior manager with Parks Victoria and Trust for Nature and has a protected area consultancy business, People in Nature.

Peter is also Chair of the IUCN-WCPA Mountains Specialist Group, president of his local Landcare group and owns a rural property in northeast Victoria.

Peter is passionate about effective land management and threats to biodiversity. He brings that passion and experience to the Invasive Species Council as our deer project officer for Victoria.

He is keen to further his work in area-based protection and conservation to support and advocate for invasive species programs. Peter is managing our Victoria Deer Project.

Peter will work with agencies, organisations and community groups to build networks and capacity, raise political and community awareness and seek greater action on the ground for better deer management in Victoria.

Peter works on the land of the Taungurung people.

Stemming Deer Impacts Project

Feral deer are emerging as one of Australia’s most serious environmental and agricultural threats. Victoria has possibly the largest deer population in Australia, estimated to be over a million animals.

The deer population is expanding rapidly and invading new areas. With a lack of predators, occurrence in vast and remote areas and great habitat flexibility, deer are set to become one of Victoria’s and ultimately Australia’s most damaging pest animal invaders.

We are greatly concerned there is not enough being done to curb the impact of deer in Victoria.

As a result, the Victoria Deer Project has been launched to address the growing impacts from feral deer in Victoria.

Peter Jacobs, project officer.
Peter Jacobs, project officer.