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Why we need to eradicate yellow crazy ants

  • Yellow crazy ants are in the top 100 most invasive species list.
  • These ants have infested a 40 hectare area in Nome, south of Townsville.
  • They have invaded property owners’ houses and removed native wildlife from this area.
  • This infestation is near Mount Elliot, Bowling Green National Park, a sanctuary for many threatened species, including northern quolls and the black-throated finch.
  • Townsville City Council is baiting to eradicate this species but your help is needed for baiting, monitoring and surveying for this species.
  • Eradication is achievable with the help and dedication of the community.

Townsville Yellow Crazy Ant Community Taskforce

  • Volunteers will be trained in the baiting, monitoring and surveying of yellow crazy ants.
  • Our community coordinator organises the taskforce and is working with Townsville City Council.

Get involved

If you live in the Townsville area and want to report potential yellow crazy ants or would like to get involved in tackling yellow crazy ants in the area please submit this form and we’ll get back to you!

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