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NSW Government will remove special protection status for feral deer

NSW will remove the protected game status for feral deer on private land across the state, bringing it into line with every other state but Victoria and Tasmania. Deer will be treated like other pest animals such as feral rabbits, foxes, goats and pigs.


Reclaim Kosci

When the NSW Government made the disastrous decision to protect feral horses in Kosciuszko National Park rather than reducing their numbers we acted quickly, joining forces with several other environment groups to form Reclaim Kosci. Led by Richard and Alison Swain Reclaim Kosci’s main objectives are to: Raise awareness about the impacts of feral horses…

Feral Herald


A large male red deer in the Grampians. Photo: Steve Morvell

Feral deer

Feral deer are probably Australia’s worst emerging pest problem, causing damage to the natural environment and agricultural businesses.

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