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Too much to lose – yellow crazy ants in the wet tropics

Australia has a small window of opportunity to keep the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area safe from yellow crazy ants. Researchers Lori Lach and Conrad Hoskin consider the potential costs of failure if the federal government refuses to provide more funding for eradication.

Yellow crazy ants eradication funded

The Invasive Species Council has praised Federal Environment Minister, Greg Hunt, for providing $2 million for a 5-year eradication program of yellow crazy ants after the Queensland Government withdrew funds late in 2012. This project will have long-term benefits for the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area if the yellow crazy ants are eradicated. Eradication of…

Crazy decision to walk from crazy ant eradication in Queensland

We tend to excuse the long-past decisions that left us with nightmare invaders like rabbits, foxes, lantana and cane toads – people didn’t know any better or other values dominated those times. How will future generations judge the recent decision of the Queensland Government to leave them the burden of invasive yellow crazy ants (Anoplolepis…