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Scientific advisory committee

The scientific advisory committee offers the Invasive Species Council world-class scientific and expert advice. This advice is applied to determine the best policy, laws and practices for tackling the threat of invasive species to the environment. The following are members of the Invasive Species Council’s scientific advisory committee: Dr Hugh Possingham Chief Scientist The Nature Conservancy Hugh established…

Feral Herald

Animal eco-warriors to the rescue

Biosecurity beagles in Hobart, dogs sniffing out orange hawkweed in the alps and a terrier with a penchant for cat eradication are just some of the animal eco-warriors you will meet in a new book by Nic Gill.

Leaf of scarlet oak with some banding of colours between scorched and symptomless tissue but barely any yellow band. Photo: John Hartman, University of Kentucky, Bugwood.org | CC BY 3.0

Xylella: a feared and curious disease

Last year it was listed as Australia’s Number 1 National Priority Plant Pest, but how many of you have ever heard about Xylella fastidiosa? And could it threaten our native plants?


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Invasive species: A leading threat to Australia’s wildlife

February 2017
Habitat loss is often assumed to be the main threatening process in Australia. This compilation of evidence demonstrates that invasive species are the main threat facing Australias declining mammals and frogs and, along with habitat loss and potentially climate change, represents one of the three main threats to biodiversity.