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Australia’s dirty dozen named and shamed

Our ‘dirty dozen’ is a list of some of the most dangerous overseas plants and animals to have evaded Australia’s environmental border controls.


Case studies

Our case studies of dangerous invasive species that have made it into Australia or are likely to arrive illustrate the need for changes in how Australia prevents the establishment of new invasive species. The case studies are made up of our ‘dirty dozen’, 12 dangerous invasive species that have made it past Australia’s border controls…

Feral Herald

NSW government baulks at pest reform

The NSW government has failed to properly address the growing threat of feral deer, eradication of red-eared slider turtles or the spread of redfin perch.

A large male red deer. In NSW this feral animal is treated as a game species. Photo: Steve Morvell

Managing invasive animals in NSW – a new review

Treating feral deer as game rather than pests. The potential for goat farming to create major landscape degradation. Zero policy on how to tackle red-eared slider turtles. These are just some of the issues we raised recently at a workshop put on by NSW’s Natural Resources Commission.


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