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Media releases

Report: Overhaul of NSW feral animal control needed

Leading conservation organisations are urging the NSW Government to fully implement the recommendations of the NSW Natural Resources Commission’s pest animal management review.


Feral Herald

In NSW the Shooters and Fishers Party, had managed to elevate deer to effectively protected status.

Hunting Changes in NSW Fail to Address the Problem

In October the NSW Parliament passed legislation abolishing the NSW Game Council in response to the backlash against the proposal for recreational hunting in national parks. While the abolition may see the end of the counter productive influence on feral animal control by the NSW Game Council, the fear is that recreational hunting may now…

Flinders Ranges, Bounceback program

When hunting works for feral animal control

While the NSW Game Council markets a phony version of feral animal control by claiming that every rabbit, fox or pig killed by a hunter is a conservation win, some shooters are genuine ‘voluntary conservation hunters’. The Invasive Species Council opposes the recent move by the NSW Government to allow hunting in national parks because…


Fact Sheets, Reports & Submissions

Submission to Review of Game Council – May 2013

A submission to the review of the operations of the NSW Game Council requested by the NSW Premier. The submission considers aspects of the NSW Game Council including: ineffectiveness, culture, lack of hunting competence and suitability of statutory arrangements. Nine attachments are included with the submission.