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Caro Ryan is a search manager with the Bushwalkers Wilderness Rescue Squad and runs 'lotsafreshair', a website filled with great bushwalking tips.

Why it’s so important to clean our gear

While keeping your gear clean may feel like a chore, it can actually go a long way in helping to keep our parks and reserves free of weeds and soil-borne diseases, says bushwalk leader Caro Ryan.

Asian black-spined toad

Top six on the Richter scale

A ‘top six on the richter scale’ list of high priority threats to the environment provided to the Senate biosecurity inquiry begs many more questions than it answers.


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Invasive species: A leading threat to Australia’s wildlife

February 2017
Habitat loss is often assumed to be the main threatening process in Australia. This compilation of evidence demonstrates that invasive species are the main threat facing Australias declining mammals and frogs and, along with habitat loss and potentially climate change, represents one of the three main threats to biodiversity.